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Updated June 15, 2018


There is only one more week in the first half.Currently, the winners of flights 3 and 4 have already been determined, but the winners of the other flights will come down to the last week.If there is a tie in any flight after next week, the winner will be determined by net score in week 12.


If you havenít responded to the mid-season scramble email, please do so by Tuesday, June 19.If we donít hear from you, we will assume you are not playing and you will not be placed on a team.We only have 16 people signed up as of Friday afternoon, with no responses from 15.





Emailing scores:If you email me a score, I will respond that I received it.If you donít hear from me within 24 hours, it probably means that I didnít get it.If you donít hear from me, either email me again or call me.I need to have all the scores in a timely manner so that points donít have to be recalculated after the fact.


Also, please date your scorecards.If youíve emailed scores and put the card in the box (as we should), that lets me know if the score is for a previous week or is a bank.




Please note that it is Lake Arthurís policy that players are NOT allowed to bring their own beer onto the property.This includes the shelters as well as the course.


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Point Awards

1st place & all ties 3 pts.

If there are 2 tied for 1st there will be no 2nd place.

If there are 3 tied for 1st there will be no 2nd or 3rd place.

2nd place & all ties 2pts.

If there are 2 tied for 2nd place there will be no 3rd place.

3rd place & all ties 1pt.

Beat your handicap 1 pt.

Show up breathing 1 pt.


LACCís web address is www.lakearthur.comCheck it out!