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Updated August 26, 2016



Congratulations to the 2nd half winners.This year no one won both halves of their flights, so here are the playoff competitors.


Cal Updegraff vs. Bud Herrit

Dave Reed vs. Fred Maier

Tom Fleming vs Rick McClean

Bob Wright vs. Steve Wright

(keeping it in the family!)

Dave MacDonald vs. Mark Strella


The playoffs will be on the back nine on September 1.It is up to each flightís winners to make arrangements to play, which must be head to head.Everyone else can just play and enjoy themselves.


In the event of a tie, it is up to the competitors to pre-arrange (before the round) the method of the tie breaker.You can use whatever method you agree on, handicap holes for the round, play additional handicap holes, flip a coin, split the winnings, whatever.


It looks like we will have a good turnout for the end-season scramble.Iíll have the teams announced shortly after I know the final attendance.




Weíre going to institute a new policy which will help eliminate some confusion weíve had recently.If you email me a score, I will respond that I received it.If you donít hear from me within 24 hours, it probably means that I didnít get it.If you donít hear from me, either email me again or call me.I need to have all the scores in a timely manner so that points donít have to be recalculated after the fact.


Also, please date your scorecards.If youíve emailed scores and put the card in the box (as we should), that lets me know if the score is for a previous week or is a pre-golf / bank.




We accept emailed scores.If, when you drop your card in the bin after 7:00 pm, the bin is empty or almost empty (meaning Iíve already picked up the cards), please drop the card off and email me your score by Friday evening.





If there is a rainout on a scheduled feed night, weíll send out an email letting everyone know if the feed night will still be on even if we donít golf.


Please note that it is Lake Arthurís policy that players are NOT allowed to bring their own beer onto the property.This includes the shelters as well as the course.


Contact us at:




Point Awards

1st place & all ties 3 pts.

If there are 2 tied for 1st there will be no 2nd place.

If there are 3 tied for 1st there will be no 2nd or 3rd place.

2nd place & all ties 2pts.

If there are 2 tied for 2nd place there will be no 3rd place.

3rd place & all ties 1pt.

Beat your handicap 1 pt.

Show up breathing 1 pt.


LACCís web address is www.lakearthur.comCheck it out!